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For every 1,000 weddings in Italy, 500 fail

58.8% of weddings take place in church

19 December, 16:07
For every 1,000 weddings in Italy, 500 fail (ANSA) - Rome, December 19 - For every 1,000 new marriages in Italy, 500 break apart, with 312 ending in legal separation and 182 in divorce, the Italian statistical agency Istat said Thursday.

Ninety percent of separated couples share custody of their children, compared to 80% of divorced couples, Istat reported in its annual statistical review.

Meanwhile, the number of weddings rose after years of decline.

In 2012, there were nearly 210,100 weddings, compared to 204,800 in in 2011.

The rate of marriage was 3.5 people per 1,000, among the lowest in Europe.

The majority of weddings - 58.8% - were held in church.

That number rose to three out of four in southern Italy.