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Agcom announces rates paid for Telecom Italia network use

Regulator stands by original charges after EU questioning

19 December, 19:10
Agcom announces rates paid for Telecom Italia network use (ANSA) - Rome, December 19 - Italy's telecommunications authority Agcom on Thursday announced the rates former state monopoly Telecom Italia is to charge independent operators for access to its fixed-line network, confirming the original feed it had announced prior to an Antitrust freeze of the charges by the European Commission for a minimum of three months. The Commission had asked the Italian regulator over the summer to review the recent proposal it had made to cut the rate paid by independent operators to access Telecom Italia's network, saying this could negatively affect their ability to plan on pricing matters in Italy.

Agcom said it had made the decision after having considered the recommendations made by the Commission, and to have made the rate decision in full coherence with the current European norms.

Even so, the regulator said that it stood by its initial unbundling rates, which it says reflect its valuation of the cost of capital.