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Bagnasco calls on govt to hear anti-austerity protests

'Listen to pain in the streets' says Italian bishops chief

18 December, 16:41
Bagnasco calls on govt to hear anti-austerity protests (ANSA) - Genoa, December 18 - The head of the powerful Italian Bishops' Conference (CEI) on Wednesday called on the government to hear the cries from the streets as anti-austerity Pitchfork Movement protesters filled the capital's Piazza del Popolo.

"Political institutions must listen to the cry of pain from the streets, which reflects a very real anguish in our society.

Those in positions of responsibility must not feel they are exempt," said Genoa Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco.

"We must all hear the deep cry of these demonstrations, which I hope are entirely non-violent," he added. A loose-knit group ranging from truckers and farmers to hard-right social clubs, the Pitchfork Movement has tied up traffic and commerce in nationwide protests for over a week.