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Alfano meets security officials before Pitchfork protest

Fears of violence at demonstration in Rome

18 December, 10:31
Alfano meets security officials before Pitchfork protest (ANSA) - Rome, December 18 - Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Angelino Alfano met top security officials early on Wednesday amid fears of violence at a big protest in Rome by the so-called Pitchfork Movement later in the day.

The Pitchfork Movement is a loose-knit network originally composed of truckers and farmers opposed to austerity-driven tax hikes that has since grown into an umbrella group for the country's disgruntled, anti-government masses.

Protests have snarled traffic and interrupted commerce in various cities throughout Italy for over a week.

Numerous probes have been open across Italy into incidents of looting, destruction of private property, and other acts of aggression.