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Renzi win boosts Italy's center left, polls show

Almost 7% lead on center right, says SWG

13 December, 15:31
Renzi win boosts Italy's center left, polls show (ANSA) - Rome, December 13 - Primaries in Italy's Democratic Party have given the center left a boost in the polls, according to surveys released Friday. Pollster SWG said 35.6% of Italians intend to vote for the PD, up a full six points since before Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi's overwhelming victory last week to become party secretary. Pollster Ixè said the effect was less dramatic, giving the PD only a 2.1% boost. Together with the small leftist SEL party, the center left now accounts for 40.5% of the Italian vote, besting the center right's 33.6%, according to SWG. Beppe Grillo's anti-establishment 5-Star Movement was down by 3% according to SWG, and 1.4% according to Ixè. Primaries in the regionalist and anti-immigrant Northern League, which elected Matteo Salvini as its new secretary, gave it a 0.5% boost in both polls. Meanwhile, approval ratings for Italy's government, led by PD Premier Enrico Letta, were 28%, up 3% in the Ixè poll, the only one with such data. (photo: Matteo Renzi)