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Caserta mayor agrees to move giant horn from Royal Palace

Installation blasted as an eyesore

13 December, 19:25
Caserta mayor agrees to move giant horn from Royal Palace (ANSA) - Naples, December 13 - Mayor Pio Del Gaudio from the southern city of Caserta has agreed to relocate a gigantic red horn-shaped installation that presently rises in front of the Royal Palace of Caserta, a jewel of 18th-century architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Installed last weekend, the 70,000-euro horn by Neapolitan artist Lello Esposito titled 'Good Luck, Caserta' has sparked an outcry from art history buffs, conservation officials, and the public at large, soon earning it a nickname as the ''horn of discord''.

''It's a positive provocation,'' Mayor Pino Del Gaudio has said in defense of the installation, which he touted as ''the biggest horn in the world'' and one that would put Caserta on the map as nothing ever has before. ''And don't talk to me about UNESCO...they never bothered when the Palace was falling apart, and they certainly won't bother now over a horn''.

The UN agency promptly replied, however.

''A horn at the entrance? It follows the same logic as the Pitchforks,'' UNESCO Italy Commission President Giovanni Puglisi said in a reference to the so-called Pitchfork anti-austerity protests that have ensnarled Italy for the past five days.

''I hope the mayor will stop at the horn and won't go any further''. Built for the Bourbon kings of Naples, the Royal Palace of Caserta was the largest palace and one of the largest buildings erected in Europe in the 18th century.

UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site in 1997, describing it as ''the swan song of the spectacular art of the Baroque, from which it adopted all the features needed to create the illusions of multi-directional space''.

The horn is to be moved to a yet-to-be-disclosed location, authorities said.