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'Pitchfork Movement like Golden Dawn' says regional official

'Neo-Nazi thread extremely chilling'

13 December, 17:53
'Pitchfork Movement like Golden Dawn' says regional official (see related) (ANSA) - Turin, December 13 - A regional councilor and former governor of Piedmont on Friday said the anti-government Pitchfork Movement "resembles Golden Dawn," the far-right nationalist party in Greece. "It worries me a lot," said Mercedes Bresso, whose northwestern region has seen some of the densest protests, especially in Turin. "There's a neo-Nazi thread, which is extremely chilling". Friday marked the fifth day of protests launched by the Pitchfork Movement, which began as a group of truckers and farmers disgruntled by austerity-driven tax hikes and has grown to include anti-government demonstrators of various stripes, including the extreme right, many of whom have been charged with looting and vandalism.

A Pitchfork spokesman seemed to confirm suspicions of a nationalist agenda in the Movement on Friday when he said Italy was a "slave to Jewish bankers" and said he admired right-wing Hungarian Premier Viktor Orbàn. A leader in the Movement, Mariano Ferro, denounced the comments, adding the group should not stand behind "the mentally ill".