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Pope says corruption, organised crime offend God

Strike at 'heart of dignity'

12 December, 13:28
Pope says corruption, organised crime offend God

(ANSA) - Vatican City, December 12 - Pope Francis said that corruption and organised crime offends God in his message for 2014 World Peace Day, which the Vatican published Thursday. "An authentic spirit of fraternity overcomes the individual selfishness which conflicts with people's ability to live in freedom and in harmony among themselves," said the message for World Peace Day, January 1.

"Such selfishness develops socially - whether it is in the many forms of corruption, so widespread today, or in the formation of criminal organizations, from small groups to those organized on a global scale. "These groups tear down legality and justice, striking at the very heart of the dignity of the person. "These organizations gravely offend God, they hurt others and they harm creation, all the more so when they have religious overtones".