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Pope appeals for end to conflict, calls for disarmament

Vatican releases Francis's message for World Peace Day

12 December, 12:21
Pope appeals for end to conflict, calls for disarmament (ANSA) - Vatican City, December 12 - Pope Francis appealed for an end to the world's many conflicts and called for nuclear disarmament in his message for 2014 World Peace Day, which the Vatican published Thursday.

"Many conflicts are taking place amid general indifference," said the Pope, who was named Time magazine's Person of the Year on Wednesday.

"The Church also speaks out in order to make leaders hear the cry of pain of the suffering and to put an end to every form of hostility, abuse and the violation of fundamental human rights.

"For this reason, I appeal forcefully to all those who sow violence and death by force of arms: in the person you today see simply as an enemy to be beaten, discover rather your brother or sister, and hold back your hand.

"Give up the way of arms and go out to meet the other in dialogue, pardon and reconciliation, in order to rebuild justice, trust, and hope around you".

Francis also said he shared "the appeal of my predecessors for the non-proliferation of arms and for disarmament of all parties, beginning with nuclear and chemical weapons disarmament".