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Human trafficking 'a real form of slavery' says pope

Francis says most vulnerable are usually victims

12 December, 13:43
Human trafficking 'a real form of slavery' says pope (ANSA) - Vatican City, December 12 - Pope Francis on Thursday urged nations to work to bring an end to the "scourge" of human trafficking, calling it a "real form of slavery".

During comments after meeting a group of ambassadors from around the world, the pope called for concerted efforts to deal with human trafficking, a crime he said particularly targets the weakest and most vulnerable members of society.

That includes children, women, the disabled and the very poor, said Francis.

"In these, we Christians see the face of Jesus Christ, who identified himself with the least and the most needy," said the pope.

"How many times...(can) we tolerate a human being treated as an sell a product or to meet immoral desires," continued the pope. "A human must never be bought and sold like a commodity," said Francis.

"Trafficking in human persons is a crime against humanity".