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Francis calls for more 'sober' lifestyle, care for the poor

Fraternity discovered by sharing with less fortunate, says pope

12 December, 13:40
Francis calls for more 'sober' lifestyle, care for the poor (ANSA) - Vatican City, December 12 - Pope Francis on Thursday called for consumers to consider living a more "sober" lifestyle and sharing more with the less fortunate in Christian solidarity.

In remarks for the 2014 World Day of Peace, published Thursday by the Vatican, the pope suggested that such a lifestyle makeover could help to promote brotherhood among people.

Promoting fraternity can be achieved by "those who choose to live a sober and essential lifestyle...those who, by sharing their own wealth, thus manage to experience fraternal communion with others," said Francis. "This is fundamental for following Jesus Christ and being truly Christian," he added.

"It is not only the case of consecrated persons who profess the vow of poverty, but also of the many families and responsible citizens who firmly believe that it is their fraternal relationship with their neighbours which constitutes their most precious good".