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Pope Francis named Time's Person of the Year

'Poised to transform' Catholic Church says US magazine

11 December, 14:32
Pope Francis named Time's Person of the Year (updates previous).

(ANSA) - Rome, December 11 - Pope Francis has been named Time magazine's Person of the Year.

"He took the name of a humble saint and then called for a church of healing," Time said on its cover.

"The first non-European pope in 1,200 years is poised to transform a place that measures change by the century." Time said in a long feature that: "In a matter of months, Francis has elevated the healing mission of the church - the church as servant and comforter of hurting people in an often harsh world - above the doctrinal police work so important to his recent predecessors, John Paul II and Benedict XVI". Elected in March after Benedict's shock resignation, the former archbishop of Buenos Aires has been widely hailed as ushering in a new era of Vatican reform while winning countless fans with his humility and man-of-the-people touch. Francis beat four others who made Time's shortlist: NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, American Senator and Tea Party Republican Ted Cruz, and Edith Windsor, an 84-year-old widow who won her suit against the American government for not recognizing her marriage to another woman, bringing an end to the US ban on gay marriage. Last year's person of the year was Barack Obama.