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'Milan needs more crime-fighters during Expo 2015'

'High risk of mafia infiltration, theft' says chief prosecutor

11 December, 18:51
'Milan needs more crime-fighters during Expo 2015' (ANSA) - Milan, December 11 - The Milan chief prosecutor on Wednesday called on the justice ministry to replenish his staff so the city can better fight crime during the six-month world fair that will take place in the northern Italian city from May-October 2015.

The Milan prosecution system is currently lacking 32% of its administrative staff and 6% of its prosecutors, according to Chief Prosecutor Edmondo Bruti Liberati. ''The Expo will attract a massive influx of staff, operators and visitors for six months. They in turn will attract assorted purse-snatchers, as well heighten the risk of mafia infiltration'', Bruti Liberati said. ''This will inevitably translate into an additional workload for the judicial system and especially its front-line components: the tribunals and the prosecutors''. Approximately 140 nations and entities have formally agreed to participate in Milan Expo 2015, including the EU which plans to host a 1,900-square-meter pavilion.

More than 20 million visitors and participants are expected.