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Spread closes 6 pts down on 222

Lowest since July 2011

10 December, 18:23
Spread closes 6 pts down on 222 (ANSA) - Rome, December 10 - The spread between Italian 10-year bonds and their AAA-rated German equivalents, the premium investors pay to hold Italian paper, on Tuesday closed six points down on 222 with a 4.05% yield, its lowest since July 2011.

A narrower spread indicates greater investor confidence in the Italian economy and Rome's ability to pay down its huge debt.

Analysts said the markets were responding to firmer prospects of political stability ahead of a confidence vote in Italy's new right-left government Wednesday. The Milan bourse closed 0.27% down amid mostly slight loses across Europe.

London was 0.55% down, Frankfurt 0.88%, Paris 1.04% and Madrid 0.52% down.

Athens bucked the trend with a 1.50% gain.