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Camorra mobster 'put 1-mn euro bounty' on prosecutor

Ecomafia boss arrested after associated told police of plan

10 December, 12:12
Camorra mobster 'put 1-mn euro bounty' on prosecutor (see related) (ANSA) - Naples, December 10 - Police alleged Tuesday that the creator of the "ecomafia" wing of the notorious Casalesi clan of the Neapolitan Camorra mafia put out a one-million euro hit on a prosecutor in Naples.

Police say that Cipriano Chianese, 62, offered that sum to anyone who would kill the lead prosecutor investigating the businessman who allegedly created, and for decades operated, the illegal trafficking of waste.

Chianese, who is also a lawyer, was arrested on Tuesday and is being held in jail.

Police say that Carlo Verde, 37, who worked for Chianese, told them of the assassination plot.

Verde was also arrested Tuesday along with Chianese's brother Francesco. Cipriano Chianese is also alleged to have extorted quotas for waste management and operated a transport company, the Mary Trans, that moved waste for municipal governments and businesses.