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'Pitchfork' protests force closures at malls, grocery stores

'They told us to shut down' says clerk

10 December, 18:34
'Pitchfork' protests force closures at malls, grocery stores (see related) (ANSA) - Molfetta, December 10 - Grocery stores and shopping centers were invaded by protesters and forced to close in the southern town of Molfetta Tuesday as part of a rising anti-capitalist, anti-euro and anti-austerity movement called Forconi (Pitchforks) around Italy. An Ipercoop supermarket and the Fashion District mall were among stores where shoppers fled as protesters charged inside chanting anti-government slogans. "I think this form of protest penalizes businesses and workers in (the Puglia region)," said Ipercoop Director Antonio Bonucci. "I understand the discontent and the restlessness surrounding the labor market but this is not how you resolve problems". A clerk at the Mongolfiera shopping center said "demonstrators told us to hurry up and close, and said they'd be back tomorrow".