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Gaming industry reports first income loss since deregulation

Taxes from gambling drops by 2.5% for Italian Treasury

09 December, 15:39
Gaming industry reports first income loss since deregulation (ANSA) - Rome, December 9 - The recession has bitten into the Italian gaming industry which reported its first losses Monday since deregulation almost a decade earlier.

Results for 2013 show that spending fell by 4% in the Italian gaming market, the first setback since 2004, the industry journal Agimeg reported. That has cost the Treasury about 150 million euros in lost tax revenues, it said.

Industry revenues fell by 2.1 billion euros, about 2.5%, this year compared with 2012 for a total income of about 85.4 billion euro across the industry.

Broken down by sector, spending on online games, especially poker and casino, remained stable, said Agimeg.

But losses were seen in slot machines and traditional lotteries as well as sports betting, which saw its income fall by about 5.5%.

On a provincial basis, gamblers in the northern province of Milan were some of the most enthusiastic this year, with a total of 5.9 billion euros spent there, just up from the 5.3 billion euros in Rome, the agency reported.

In the province of Naples, spending on official gaming totaled 3.5 billion euros, in Turin 2.6 billion euros, Bari and Bergamo provinces saw spending of 1.6 billion euros each, Palermo provincial residents spent 1.3 billion euros, Varese and Bologna each saw 1.2 billion euros while Genoa, Caserta, Como, Venice, Florence and Modena provinces reported 1.1 billion euros each.

The ranking of gaming spending changes, however, when measured on a per capita basis.

The national per capita average in 2013 came to just over 1,200 euros, with the highest amount reported in Padua province, at 3,000 euros spent per person on average.

Como and Rimini provinces reported a per capita average of more than 1,900 euros while Savona and Latina each averaged 1,700 euros per person, followed by Terni, Pescara, Bergamo at 1,600 euros. Among the major centers, Milan reported per capita spending of 1,500 euros in 2013, with an average of about 1,400 euros in Rome and 1,100 euros in Naples.