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Sardinian businessman commits suicide after disaster

Effect of cyclone on island blamed after man takes own life

06 December, 18:53
Sardinian businessman commits suicide after disaster (ANSA) - Nuoro, December 6 - A Sardinian man whose business was destroyed in a deadly cyclone and flooding last month that destroyed parts of the island committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree in the courtyard of his home Friday.

Police said Pasqualino Contu, a married father of two, was the owner of 3C which specialized in the construction of prefabricated reinforced concrete.

The body was spotted by a passer-by who raised the alarm in the town of Orosei, located about 140 km northeast of Cagliari.

"I am astonished and shocked," said Ugo Cappellacci, Sardinia governor.

"In the face of a human drama that comes after the tragedy that struck the entire community, devastated territories and crippled businesses and families, the only thing to do is to gather in silence and meditate".

Last month, 16 people were killed in a violent cyclone on the island of Sardinia, which displaced thousands.

Plunging temperatures and incessant rains followed as authorities said the region received the equivalent of six months' worth of rainfall in about 24 hours.