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Only 30% of Italian high school students go to university

17% drop out in first year

06 December, 19:52
Only 30% of Italian high school students go to university (ANSA) - Rome, December 6 - Only 30% of Italy's high school graduates go to university and 17% of freshmen drop out in the first year, according to annual reports published on Friday by Censis research agency and association Almadiploma.

According to the survey carried out by Almadiploma, an association of Italian high schools which polls graduates to help them find work or choose colleges, about 44% of students regretted the high school they chose though 80% said they were nevertheless satisfied with their degree, which according to Almadiploma was a sign of the fact 19-year-olds value their education and work prospects more than their school experience per se.

The survey also found that 48% of high school graduates worked as trainees and 31% worked abroad, mostly in the UK, France, Spain and Ireland, during their five years in high school.

About 70% of graduates polled used Facebook or other social networks daily.

Roughly 50% of graduates said their knowledge of written English was 'quite good' while fluency in French, Spanish and German was more limited to, respectively, 14%, 11% and 3%.