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One in 4 Italian households 'struggling to pay bills'

Country 'profoundly weakened' by economic crisis

06 December, 11:01
One in 4 Italian households 'struggling to pay bills' (ANSA) - Rome, December 6 - One in four households in recession-hit Italy are struggling to pay their bills and taxes and 70% of them would have trouble coping with a major unexpected expense, according to the annual report of the Censis research agency, which was released Friday. The study said "much of the country" was in a situation of "fragility", with economic uncertainty causing "worry and unease" in many families, as Italy struggles to emerge from its longest recession in over two decades. It added that falling consumer spending was a symptom of a country that was "under stress", "lost" and "profoundly weakened" by the economic crisis that started five years ago.

The agency said that a survey of 1,200 households revealed that "69% said their spending power fell" in 2013.