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Mandela showed 'fairer world possible', says Napolitano

President felt 'great sadness' when heard of death

06 December, 11:17
Mandela showed 'fairer world possible', says Napolitano (see related story) (ANSA) - Rome, December 6 - Italian President Giorgio Napolitano said Friday that Nelson Mandela had shown that "a fairer, more supportive world" was possible" in a message to South African President Jacob Zuma after the death of the anti-apartheid leader.

Napolitano said he was "moved" and felt "great sadness" when he heard of the death of South Africa's first black president, who died aged 95 on Thursday. "His irrepressible yearning for liberty, human dignity and equality beat the barbarity of apartheid," the message read. "With his life he showed that a fairer, more supportive world, where diversity is a symptom of richness, is possible.

"It is an indelible merit that he knew how to preside over the peaceful transition in his country, distinguished by truth and reconciliation, from apartheid to peaceful coexistence.

"He is an example to those he leaves behind, along with his ideals and his extraordinary moral legacy. "These pass to the future generations and those who, in South African and the whole world, fight to built a more just, inclusive society, while rejecting violence".