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League expels councilor for calling Mandela a 'terrorist'

Anti-apartheid hero 'a beast who thirsted for white blood'

06 December, 14:38
League expels councilor for calling Mandela a 'terrorist' (see related) (ANSA) - Verona, December 6 - A minor member of the anti-immigrant Northern League party was kicked out of the party on Friday after calling Nelson Mandela a terrorist following his death. ''Finally the terrorist Mandela, the beast who thirsted for white blood and was transformed into a hero by global propaganda, will find himself before all the people he killed with bombs in churches or with flaming tires around their necks,'' wrote Francesco Vartolo, who is a borough councillor in Verona, on his Facebook page. The mayor of Verona, who is also the local head of the Northern League, expelled him from the anti-immigration party shortly thereafter. Party bigwigs condemned Vartolo's statements and praised Mandela, who won the Nobel peace prize for waging a campaign to reconcile and reunite his country after apartheid. Their politicians have become notorious for racially charged attacks, including a rain of slurs on Italy's first black cabinet member, Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge. Northern League Senator Roberto Calderoli's comments at a party rally likening Kyenge to an orangutan triggered a criminal probe.