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Pope condemns hypocrites who don't act as Christians

Francis warns without Christ at centre, words 'vain' and proud

05 December, 12:50
Pope condemns hypocrites who don't act as Christians (ANSA) - Vatican City, December 5 - Hypocrites who speak of Catholicism but don't back their words with Christian behavior were condemned Thursday by Pope Francis as "vain" and destructive. "A Christian word without Christ at its centre leads to vanity, to pride, power for the sake of power," said Francis in his homily during morning Mass at St. Martha's House, the Vatican guesthouse where the pope lives. Such behavior is an act of vanity that causes divisions in the Church, he added. Francis noted that the Bible describes how Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for knowing the Ten Commandments, but failing to practice their lessons.

"Words are good, but only if they are put into practice," he said.

Otherwise, "they hurt, they deceive us, make us believe that we have a beautiful home, but without a foundation".

The Lord, he added, breaks down these people who believe themselves to be like the rock the Church was founded on.