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Police allege tax fraud by Chinese factory owners

Poor labour and living conditions found in two plants in Umbria

05 December, 14:11
Police allege tax fraud by Chinese factory owners (ANSA) - Perugia, December 5 - Two Chinese textile company owners under investigation for alleged tax fraud were also accused Thursday of housing workers in appalling living conditions in the central Italian region of Umbria.

The pair, who police allege evaded 2.4 million euros in taxes, set up dormitories on the same site as their factories in Fabro, about 40 km southwest of Perugia.

Authorities say they discovered about 80 employees, all believed to be Chinese, working and living in very poor conditions there.

The mattresses in the factories' dormitories were filthy, the dining room unhygienic and littered with spoiled food and workers were required to live and work in a small area and not permitted to leave, police said.

One of the two owners was also alleged to have hired illegal labour.