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Farmers urge 'adoption' of pigs to protect Italian ham

8,000 jobs lost in 2013 says Coldiretti

05 December, 14:00
Farmers urge 'adoption' of pigs to protect Italian ham (ANSA) - Rome, December 5 - Pig farmers and ham-makers from across Italy gathered in front of parliament Thursday urging institutions to "adopt a pig" to protect Italy's prosciutto from foreign clones.

The demo followed a massive protest against food piracy at the Brenner Pass Wednesday.

Continuing its 'Christmas Battle, Choose Italy', farmers' association Coldiretti said 8,000 pork-sector jobs were lost this year alone. "In Italy, two hams out of three come from pigs in Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany and Spain without the source being highlighted on the label," said Coldiretti chief Roberto Moncalvo.