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American white supremacist David Duke told to leave Italy

'Risks forming hate group'

05 December, 13:44
American white supremacist David Duke told to leave Italy (ANSA) - Belluno, December 5 - American white supremacist David Duke has been told to leave northern Italy for being "socially dangerous". Citing a 2009 EU law, police say the former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan poses a risk to "set up an organization devoted to the extermination of the black and Jewish races". According to local media, the former Louisiana state representative and two-time US presidential candidate had been living near the northern city of Belluno since February, 2011, having entered the country with a student visa using his middle name Ernest. In addition to discovering that he was not enrolled in any scholastic program, authorities found that in 2009 he was arrested while promoting his book "Jewish Supremacism" in Prague for Holocaust denial and promoting the suppression of human rights. That charge, authorities said, made his stay in the Europe's borderless Schengen zone illegal. His lawyer has vowed to fight the order at Italy's Council of State. (photo: archive picture of KKK rally)