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Almost 30% of Italians at risk of poverty, says EU

Economic crisis means number of poor has risen since 2008

05 December, 12:23
Almost 30% of Italians at risk of poverty, says EU (ANSA) - Brussels, December 5 - Almost 30% of the Italian population was at risk of slipping into poverty last year as a result of the economic crisis, the European Union's statistical agency said Thursday.

According to Eurostat, 29.9% of Italians were at risk last year, an increase from the 28.2% at risk in 2011 and the 25.3% who were considered vulnerable in 2008, when the crisis that has shaken Europe began.

Further, the agency said that 14.5% of Italians were not only at risk but were "severely materially deprived" compared with the lowest levels of only 1.3% in the same position in Sweden and Luxembourg.

Greece, which like Italy has also been mired in a deep recession, reported figures of 34.6% of its population at risk of poverty in 2012 compared with 28.1% in 2008.

Eurostat noted that poverty thresholds varied between nations based on local conditions.