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Berlusconi says president should pardon him

'The wise thing to do' says convicted three-time premier

04 December, 19:06
Berlusconi says president should pardon him (ANSA) - Rome, December 4 - Three-time premier Silvio Berlusconi said Wednesday the president of the republic should pardon him from serving community service as part of a tax-fraud conviction this summer. "If one is going to be the least bit wise about things...I should get a pardon from the head of State," said Berlusconi, calling his sentence "ridiculous" at a book launch for journalist Bruno Vespa. Last week the Senate voted to eject the billionaire media mogul, following a binding, four-year sentence for fraud at his Mediaset group from the supreme Cassation Court. The sentence was commuted to one year for an amnesty, which the 77-year-old has said he will opt to spend performing community service. He has said he would not directly ask President Giorgio Napolitano for a pardon since doing so would be an admission of guilt.