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Protesters climb Trevi Fountain to denounce joblessness

Demonstrators call for higher employment in Italy

03 December, 15:08
Protesters climb Trevi Fountain to denounce joblessness (ANSA) - Rome, December 3 - Several jobless protestors from Naples climbed over the city's iconic Trevi Fountain Tuesday and hoisted a banner while calling for work and condemning high unemployment.

About 100 demonstrators, representing groups including the Euro Unemployed Neapolitans (EDN), rallied in the piazza around the fountain.

A delegation had been scheduled to meet officials in the Ministry of Labour, but the meeting was cancelled.

Millions of Italians are unemployed or underemployed as the economy endures its deepest recession in 20 years.

The jobless rate generally is about 12.5%, but is higher in the south of the country and among young Italians is more than 40%.