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Mafia boss Laudani suspected of ordering seven murders

Five attacks carried out between 1984 and 1993

03 December, 19:52
Mafia boss Laudani suspected of ordering seven murders (ANSA) - Catania, December 3 - Carabinieri police in Catania, Sicily, served an arrest warrant to detained Mafia boss Alfio Laudani, 67, and Camillo Fichera, 59, suspected of masterminding five attacks between 1984 and 1993 in which seven people were killed.

Anti-Mafia prosecutors indicted the Laudani clan boss and Fichera after the confessions of two Mafia turncoats, Giuseppe Maria Di Giacomo and Alfio Lucio Giuffrida.

According to investigators, the two suspects ordered the murder of ex-racing driver Alfio Gambero who was killed in 1984 for allegedly damaging the clan's interests by acting on his own.

Another two attacks, one in 1991 in which Salvatore Gritti died, and another in 1993 in which Domenico Peluso and Camillo Caruso lost their lives, were organized because the three alleged Mafia affiliates were not considered trustworthy.

The other murders were organized, according to investoigators, as part of a war between Mafia clans. Giovanni Piacenti, a member of the local Ceusi clan, was killed in 1993 in Giarre, while attorney Salvatore Di Mauro and his secretary Francesco Borzi', were murdered in Catania in 1993 because they were reportedly considered responsible for masterminding the strategies of rival Mafia family Puntina.