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More Italians finding work as domestics, says survey

Increasing numbers of home workers have higher education

02 December, 17:04
More Italians finding work as domestics, says survey (ANSA) - Rome, December 2 - More Italians and more people with higher education are finding jobs as domestic workers, a conference heard Monday.

In an industry that was once dominated by foreigners, almost 10% of domestic workers said they were Italian in a September 2013 survey, according to Assindatcolf, the National Association of Employers of Domestic Workers.

That marks a sharp increase from the 3.73% in 2011 and the 8.62% last year.

As well, almost 2% of domestics said they were university graduates, the research found, suggesting more and more Italians are taking whatever work they can find as a result of the economic crisis.

It also found that almost 54% of domestic staff and employers in the south worked outside the system, meaning no taxes were paid and no benefits or contributions were accrued.