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Berlusconi MP gets 4 days for anti-burqa demo

Daniela Santanché led Milan rally in 2009

02 December, 15:12
Berlusconi MP gets 4 days for anti-burqa demo (ANSA) - Milan, November 18 - A Milan court on Monday sentenced centre-right MP Daniela Santanche', one of the leading members of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia party, to four days in jail and a 1,100-euro fine for an anti-burqa demo in Milan in 2009.

Prosecutors had requested a one-month jail term for the MP, who led a rally on the last day of Ramadan to protest against what she called "a portable prison", sparking a ruction with observant Muslims.

Sentences under two years are suspended in Italy.

The court fined Egyptian-born Ahmed El Badry, who punched Santanche' in the chest, 2,500 euros.