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'Neglect' to blame in latest Pompeii damage

Wall crumbles at 2,000-year-old treasure

02 December, 12:30
'Neglect' to blame in latest Pompeii damage

(ANSA) - Naples, December 2 - Damage continues to mount at Pompeii, where the wall of an ancient shop crumbled in Via Stabiana and plaster fell from the wall of the House of the Small Fountain (Casa della Fontana Piccola) over the weekend. Antonio Pepe, site representative from the CISL labor union, cited neglect as the cause of the recent damage, which came amid torrential rains in southern and central Italy. "Regular maintenance work has been neglected for too many years, and these collapses are the result," Pepe said. "There's no justification for the fact that at the moment there are only three workers available at the excavation site. "The Superintendency has additional workers and restoration personnel at other sites that could be moved to Pompeii to deal with this emergency". The Superintendency of Naples and Pompeii said that urgent restoration work would start in mid-December on the upper portion of the wall of the shop next to Via Stabiana in Region VII. The restoration work is part of the already-approved Great Pompeii Project, which aims to secure and restore the site's damaged areas. Restoration in Regions VI and VIII is scheduled to follow.

Sections of structures that have fallen in the past two years have triggered new concerns about Italy's ability to protect the 2,000-year-old treasure from further degradation.