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Italians waste 8.7 bn euros of food per year

Study finds families chuck 7 euros worth per week

09 October, 17:12
Italians waste 8.7 bn euros of food per year (ANSA) - Milan, October 9 - Italian families discard an average of 8.7 billion euros worth of food each year, the equivalent of 7.06 euros per family per week, a study revealed on Wednesday.

A new research group, Knowledge for Expo, studied for the first time the cycle of food storage and waste in Italy, from the refrigerator to the bin, quizzing 2000 people across the country about their management of family stores.

The study, conducted by a joint effort between the online-poll-group SWG and Bologna University's anti-waste spin-off Last Minute Market, found that Italians scrape into the trash an average of 213 grams of food per week. Most Italians justify the waste saying the food gathered mould, expired or went bad.

Thirteen percent admitted that they often cook too much - particularly in the central and southern Italian regions of Abruzzo, Puglia, Calabria and Campania.

These respondents reported that they were imperfect at calculating how much to buy, and that the rhythms of life imposed one large shopping trip per week, whereas fresh products often last only a few days. Ninety percent of respondents recognized food waste as serious problem, and 79 percent said it worried them.

The study classed respondents according to various behavior categories.

''Obsessive accumulators'', who waste on average 12 euros per week, made up eight percent of respondents.

''Cooks who overdo it'' lose eight euros worth of food each week, and made up 13.19% of th total.

''Fans of big, fresh shopping'' threw out 6.97 euros worth each week, and comprised 15.22% of the total.

The largest group, or 34.67%, consisted of people who only throw things out when forced to do so, and waste just 4.81 euros of food per week.