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85-year-old to graduate university in Sicily

Second-oldest in Italian history, days after new record-holder

15 July, 15:37
85-year-old to graduate university in Sicily (ANSA) - Messina, July 15 - An 85-year-old man in Sicily is about to graduate from university. Carmelo Puglisi is poised to become on Tuesday the University of Messina's oldest graduate after defending his thesis 'In the Early Days of European Identity: Romans and Barbarians in the Germany of Tacitus'. Messina's dean, 45-year-old Pietro Navarra, is believed to be Italy's youngest. "(This degree) symbolizes the union of innovation and tradition," said the dean. The octogenarian, a retired lawyer, is the second-oldest person in Italian history to graduate university with a three-year diploma. Just two days ago, 86-year-old Anna Valanzuolo graduated from Naples' Federico II University with a degree in literature.