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Three tonnes of marijuana seized, 56 people arrested

Fifty-six kg of cocaine confiscated in Italy

19 April, 17:43
Three tonnes of marijuana seized, 56 people arrested (ANSA) – Brescia, April 19 – Police seized over three tonnes of marijuana and 50 kilograms of cocaine and arrested 56 people in various locations around Italy on Friday. The suspects belonged to three criminal groups working together, police said. The first gang was based in Brescia and was made up of people from different nationalities. The second was also based in the Northern Italian city and was composed of Albanian nationals with strong ties to other provinces in Italy, including Rome, police said. The third group was made up of Italians and Albanians based in Rome, with leaders and collaborators in the Southern Italian port city of Brindisi. The investigations began in 2011 after locals reported drugs dealers in parks and around schools.