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Italy wedding tourism generated 315 million euros in 2012

Foreigners' tying the knot help country's travel professionals

19 April, 18:49
Italy wedding tourism generated 315 million euros in 2012 (ANSA) - Rome, April 19 - Italy celebrated a total of 6,180 foreigners' weddings in 2012, generating revenue of more than 315 million euros for the tourism and travel industry, according to a report released by leisure consultant Jfc.

Some 1.2 million people travelled to Italy last year to celebrate friends' and relatives' weddings, which cost couples an average of 51,000 euros to organize.

Some 87.8 million euros were spent specifically on the actual ceremonies, whilst marrying couples' travel costs totalled about 22.8 million euros in the year. Foreigners' honeymoons in Italy after having celebrated the union generated revenue of 22.8 million euros, as 82% of those that travelled to Italy to tie the knot stayed on for their post-wedding trip.

Wedding guests spent some 204.7 million euros to travel to ceremonies and on accommodation for the trip.

The practise has also benefited local municipalities such as Venice and Florence that have introduced in 2009 a so-called "wedding tax" which couples wishing to use a specific location are required to pay, such as those choosing the Sala Cuoi d'Oro in the Ca' Vendramin palace in Venezia, which costs 5,000 euros.

The fee is the same for those wishing to formalize their union in the magnificent "Salone del Cinquecento" room in the central Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, while the couples choosing Villa Oscano - Posta dei Donini in Perugia are charged 800 euros.