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44 arrested in Camorra mafia drug-trafficking sting

Police deal blow to Spain-Italy drug trade around Naples

18 April, 15:22
44 arrested in Camorra mafia drug-trafficking sting (ANSA) - Naples, April 18 - Police arrested 44 people in Naples and surrounding areas during the night between Wednesday and Thursday in a big operation against Camorra mafia drug-trafficking from Spain to Italy.

The suspects were picked up for conspiracy aimed at drug-trafficking and for pushing narcotics with the aggravating circumstance of transnational activity.

Allegedly Camorra-run criminal groups are suspected of managing the importation of hashish and cocaine from Spain and supplying drug-dealing squares in the outskirts of Naples.

The suspects have been connected to the Di Lauro, Amato-Pagano, Polverino, Mazzarella, Ferrara, Cuccaro and Carfora clans, which operate in the northern outskirts of Naples, the surrounding region, and in a city north of Naples called Caserta.

The Antimafia Directorate of Naples coordinated the investigation, while the Carabinieri paramilitary police collected evidence.