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Monti introduces new dog Empatia on Twitter

Outgoing premier given dog on TV program

12 February, 17:03
Monti introduces new dog Empatia on Twitter

(ANSA) - Rome - Outgoing Premier Mario Monti has posted a picture of his newly adopted dog, Empatia (Empathy). Monti was given the small, white dog of no particular breed that was introduced as Trozzy on the La7 television program 'Invasioni Barbariche'.

TV conductor Daria Bignardi first showed Monti a photo of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi kissing his new puppy named Vittoria and asked if the premier would be willing to adopt a dog as well.

After taking Empatia, Empy for short, in his arms, Bignardi asked how it felt to hold the fluffy puppy.

"Magnificently good," Monti said.

"Want to feel how soft she is?," Monti asked.