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Nichi Vendola is 'afraid' to go out alone at night in Rome

Puglia's gay governor criticizes climate of fear as vote nears

05 February, 14:44
Nichi Vendola is 'afraid' to go out alone at night in Rome (ANSA) - Rome, February 5 - Nichi Vendola, the gay governor of Italy's Puglia region kicked up a storm on Tuesday when he said that he is afraid to go out alone at night in Rome. In an interview Tuesday with Il Fatto Quotidiano, Vendola - who is also the head of left-wing political party SEL - said that "this climate forces me to limit the spaces of my private life. I am forced to manage every move with caution. If I want to go out alone for a walk in Rome in the evening, I choose not to". Vendola criticized what he said was a tolerance of anti-homosexual groups and acts in the country. "In Italy the fact that I am insulted by fascists and Nazis from various networks does not even solicit regret". He also criticized the church, saying that a "certain ecclesiastic environment even impedes the making of rules to sanction violence" against gays.

Vendola, a controversial figure in Italy's often conservative politics, also promised Tuesday to introduce "in the coming days" a law to legalize gay marriage.