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Anti-mafia police seize 'Ndrangheta property in Rome

Operations strike at syndicate's assets in Italian capital

30 January, 14:32
Anti-mafia police seize 'Ndrangheta property in Rome (ANSA) - Rome, January 30 - Italian anti-mafia investigators (DIA) on Wednesday seized assets and property in Rome, including a bar located in the area of the Vatican, in an operation to strike at the Calabrian-based 'Ndrangheta mafia's presence in the capital.

Operations coordinated between the Rome anti-mafia unit and Calabrian counterparts began in the early hours of the morning targeting property involving the "fraudulent transfer of assets" through mob money-laundering activities.

Police also arrested the Francesco Frisina and Carmine Sacca', owners of Caffe' Chigi located on the same Roman piazza as the the seat of government Palazzo Chigi, for alleged mafia activity.

'Ndrangheta, whose name means 'virtue' or 'heroism' in a local form of ancient Greek, once dealt mainly in kidnappings and extortion and fed off the pickings of public tenders, living in the shadow of its Sicilian cousin.

But it has since expanded throughout Italy, northern Europe and other countries, where it invests its huge drugs profits.