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Rome-Naples high-speed trains delayed due to cable theft

162 incidents reported along Campania stretch in 2012

25 January, 17:12
Rome-Naples high-speed trains delayed due to cable theft (ANSA) - Naples, January 25 - There were disruptions to rail services in the southern Campania region on Friday following the theft of copper cable in Casoria near Naples along the Rome-Salerno high-speed train line. All trains have had to be rerouted along the conventional line between Naples and Gricignano to the north, adding 10-25 minutes to journey time. Technicians were at work to repair the damage but said it would take a long time to restore normal services. Last year in the Campania region alone there were 162 reported incidents of copper-cable theft along the Rome-Naples section of the national high-speed rail network, causing 700,000 euros of direct damage and 126 hours of delays. Cable theft is a regular phenomenon in recession-hit Italy as rises in the price of copper and other metals fuel the illicit market.