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Extra 37 councillors being probed in Lombardy investigation

Total being probed for misuse of public funds is now 62

20 December, 18:55
Extra 37 councillors being probed in Lombardy investigation

(ANSA) - Milan, December 20 - An additional 37 regional councillors have been placed under investigation in Milan, adding to the many already being probed as part of an expenses investigation being carried out by local magistrates.

The total number of people under investigation is 62.

Prosecutors on December 14 had started probing dozens of other regional politicians for alleged misuse of public funds.

The investigation follows a series of corruption probes that led Governor Roberto Formigoni to dissolve his executive in October. Formigoni is suspected of wrongdoing related to health-sector contracts in one of those cases. He denies any wrongdoing. The suspects could face charges of embezzlement over the alleged misappropriation of party funds, including for personal use. One councillor is reported to have spent 750 euros on ammunition for hunting.