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Fiat to slash 1,500 jobs in Poland

Carmaker cites poor market performance, negative outlook

07 December, 17:08
Fiat to slash 1,500 jobs in Poland (ANSA) - Turin, December 7 - The Polish division of Italian automaker Fiat Group on Friday announced plans to slash 1,500 jobs in the eastern European country in light of poor market performance and the negative outlook.

''Fiat Auto Poland has expressed to union organisations its willingness to begin immediate negotiations in order to find compatible solutions for the management of the surplus workforce,'' the division said in a statement. Meanwhile it has already begun legal procedures for implementing the layoffs. The cuts have been made necessary by the ''strong drop in production volume'' - less than 350,000 vehicles in 2012 compared to over 600,000 in 2009 - while next year output is expected to fall even further, to below 300,000 vehicles. Consequently the automaker has had to review its organisational structure, reducing the number of daily shifts from three to two.