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Govt won't hire 260,000 'precarious' civil servants en masse

'Solution must be gradual,' says Filippo Patroni Griffi

05 December, 11:27
Govt won't hire 260,000 'precarious' civil servants en masse (ANSA) - Rome, December 5 - Italy has around 260,000 civil servant who are working on so-called 'precarious' temporary or flexible contracts and are waiting to be given permanent positions, Civil Service Minister Filippo Patroni Griffi said Wednesday.

But the minister stressed that it was impossible for these people to be put on regular contracts in one go.

"It is not possible to think about giving these people steady contracts en masse," Patroni Griffi told the House.

"It would be against the Constitution. Every solution has to be gradual".

He said 130,000 of the 'precarious' staff were working in schools, 115,000 were working in the health sector and in local government and 15,000 were working for central government. A temporary solution to the problem could be to allow these workers' contracts to be renewed by up to three years, and, in some special cases, by as much as five years.