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Italian agriculture characterized by small farms

Eight out of 10 privately owned with one employee

26 November, 14:47
Italian agriculture characterized by small farms (ANSA) - Rome, November 26 - Italy's agricultural sector is characterized by small, privately-owned farms, a report released by the country's statistics agency Istat said on Monday. Eight out of 10 of the country's farms are privately owned with no more than one employee.

Some 19.9% of agricultural production in 2010 was for domestic consumption, the report said.

Istat looked at the 2010 financial results for approximately 1.6 million Italian farms for the survey.

The sector employs nearly a million people and is characterized by seasonal labor and temporary contracts, with only 3.7% of agricultural workers maintaining a year-round, full-time contract.

The average daily income is 63 euros for temporary workers and 91 euros for the contract laborers.