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Fornero ditches presser over 'psychological pressure'

Italian labor minister blames 'aggressive' TV crew

21 November, 20:06
Fornero ditches presser over 'psychological pressure' (ANSA) - Rome, November 21 - Labor Minister Elsa Fornero ducked out of a press conference on esbestos in Italy over what she called "heavy psychological pressure" from journalists. "The meeting with press was ruined and hindered by the insistence and aggressiveness of a TV crew," she said, referring to producers from the satirical news program Le Iene (The Hyenas). Earlier, Fornero had been interviewed by the program regarding allegedly questionable labor conditions for temporary workers at the labor research group ISFOL, which is overseen by the labor ministry. "There was no aggressiveness on our part," said Le Iene producer Filippo Roma. "It was simply the first time we've tried to ask Elsa Fornero about the exploitative conditions for 210 employees at ISFOL, a research body that depends on her own labor ministry". Health Minister Renato Balduzzi shared his "full solidarity" with Fornero, who had been scheduled to speak at his ministry.