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Ex-Naples prefect in prison over sex-for-favours charges

Carlo Ferrigno found guilty in 2011 of sleeping with minor

14 November, 13:32
Ex-Naples prefect in prison over sex-for-favours charges (ANSA) - Turin, November 14 - Former Naples prefect Carlo Ferrigno has been arrested to serve out the rest of a sentence in a sex-for-favours case involving minors. In April 2011, the former anti-racket commissioner, 73, plea-bargained a 3-year-four-month sentence for offering jobs and favors to young girls, including a minor, in exchange for sex. He has two years and eight months left to serve, having been in preventive detention at his home for six months last year before being released. He was also found guilty of disclosing official secrets and permitting unauthorized access to State computer systems. The offences date back to 2005, police said.

Ferrigno has also been named in a separate probe involving ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi and an alleged underage prostitute called Ruby because of wiretaps of conversations with one of the 33 young women allegedly involved.