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107 migrants rescued off Lampedusa

Maltese authorities save another boat with 77 people

06 November, 13:11
107 migrants rescued off Lampedusa (ANSA) - Rome, November 6 - The Italian coast guard and navy rescued 107 migrants from a distressed motorized inflatable dinghy off the coast of Lampedusa on Monday night.

A Maltese patrol saved another 77 people on board a boat near Lampedusa after receiving an alert from the Palermo harbor office.

The Italian Coast Guard reported the incidents in a written release on Tuesday, which mark the latest in a new wave of migrant-packed vessels aiming to reach Italian shores.

A fishing boat with 177 immigrants on board was intercepted by Italian financial police near Reggio Calabria on Sunday night.

On Monday night, the Palermo harbor office received a satellite phone call reporting a distressed 11-meter inflatable boat with more than 100 people on board. The boat was located 96 miles southeast of Lampedusa, near the border of Maltese and Libyan waters. The Italian Coast Guard sent two boats, and the Italian navy a ship in search of the stranded dinghy. The Italian Coast Guard directed two merchant ships in the zone to go to the aid of the boat in distress.

The merchant ships reached the crowded dinghy at about midnight, while Italian authorities got there at 2am. There were 28 women, 76 men and three minors on the dinghy, for a total of 107 people.

Another boat, with 77 people aboard, was found 80 miles south of Lampedusa. Maltese authorities sent a patrol boat and sent a nearby merchant ship to the boat's aid.