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Marzotto assets seized in Valentino sell-off probe

65 million euros in property confiscated by investigators

05 November, 14:39
Marzotto assets seized in Valentino sell-off probe (ANSA) - Milano, November 5 - Thirteen people from the Italian fashion and textile group Marzotto are being investigated for tax evasion in connection with the 2008 sell-off of the Valentino Fashion Group, police said on Monday.

Among the suspects from the Marzotto family being probed are Matteo, Vittorio, Diamante, Maria Rosaria Cristiana and Margherita. Tax auditors allege that capital gains taxes were dodged during the Valentino sale to Permira holdings.

Property assets worth 65 million euros belonging to the Marzotto group have been seized in Rome and the Dolomites resort town of Cortina.